Kanha National Park
history of kanha

Geography of Kanha National Park

Kanha National park, officially known as the Kanha Tiger Reserve brings all the fascinations for a true nature lover with its amazing landscapes. The climate and atmosphere is simply outstanding that draws multiple attentions while touring across its corners.

Kanha national park is shaped like a figure “8” on its side, with a length from west to east of approximately 80km and a width ranging from 8 to 35km. The Park’s total area is 1945 square km which consists of a core area of 940 square km surrounded by buffer zone of 1,005 sq km. There are nearly 155 villages in the buffer zone and over 255 villages within the radius of 10km.

Further the park is being divided into 6 ranges for better management:
Kisli, Kanha, Sarhi and Mukki in the western block; and Bhaisanghat and Supkhar in the eastern sector which are closed for the public.

Kanha dwells in the central Indian highlands and amazingly hosts nearly half of India’s forests. The Kanha Reserve is located in the Maikal Range which forms the eastern base of the triangular Satpura Range. The park lies 160 km (100 miles) southeast of Jabalpur and 270 km (170 miles) northeast of the city of Nagpur (Maharashtra). The exact geographical coordinates of Kanha are: Latitude: 22° 7′ to 22° 27’N; longitude: 80° 26′ to 81° 3’E.


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