Kanha National Park
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Elephant Safari in Kanha

Elephant Safari in Kanha

Kanha Reserve, the only paradise for wild beings in India has the most framed natural fineness in the form of landscape harbors amidst the top hills and valleys of highest grasslands in the Maikal range of Satpuras. Ideal for all kinds of jungle tours where one can definitely attain a closer look to all the vivid and rare kinds of wild creatures.

Saying yes to an amazing safari tour is definitely a good approach to the Kanha National Park where the thick majestic Sal and dense Bamboo are lined up for an amazing effect of greenery and frigidity. Above all the distant majestic Maikal hills adds breathtaking panorama to the whole surroundings.

Even with the presence of all these generous attributes Kanha Reserve is being famed for impressive amount of wildlife tour where every animal lover just throw himself to catch the royal glimpses of the most majestic animals including the royal tiger and Barasingha.

This national park is being supple with great wildlife tour by enjoying the safari adventure and if you can have the elephant safari the joy of sighting the animals just doubles. This is the only medium where you can have a closer and safer look to all kinds of deadly or predatory species including the tigers. The Kanha reserve is really renowned for the most adventurous elephant safari which is being regarded as the ‘star attraction’ of the jungle.

To bring more excitement to your safari tour, the jungle officials have managed the well maintained regular tiger tour on the back of the elephant inside the tourism zone so you can have all the pretty sights on your way to the Kanha trip. The elephant safari in Kanha ensures a safe and hassle free journey to the wildlife at the serene jungle.

Elephant safari help the visitors to access the places inside the park which is not accessible by jeeps. The most easiest and common way to enjoy elephant safari is to involve yourself in a Tiger Show program. Tiger Show is a program organized after successful sighting of Tiger by trackers on elephants. Tiger Show can be done during Morning Safari only. During Tiger Show, at a time up to 04 people are taken close to tiger and shown from elephant back for 10 to 15 minutes.

Full day elephant safaris are very expensive and can be enjoyed for longer duration in a day. Full day elephant back safaris are needed to be booked in well advance and requires written permission of Field Director of National Park. Process for Elephant Safari booking should be commenced at least before 30 days or more.


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