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Climate and Weather Conditions of Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park has a remarkable variation in the climate but generally is tropical and the summer temperatures are exceeded up to 43 Degree Celsius. The wonderful monsoons welcome you from the month of June to September and the winters are truly scenic during the months of November to the end of March, the days are beautiful, crunchy and sunny in the month of October and March.

Altitude- The altitude of the park ranges from about 600 m (1900 ft.) at Kanha Village to 870 m (2900 ft.) at Bamhni Dadar

Summers- extreme- hot and dry (April-June) – max temperature- 43° C

Monsoons- mid June-September – average rainfall- 1800 mm

Winters- quite cold (Nov- Feb) and frost covers the meadows- min temp – 2° C


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