Kanha National Park
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Luxury Resorts in Kanha National Park

kanha national park tiger

The Baagh Resort (Near Mukki Gate)

The Baagh resort is situated close to Mukki gate of Kanha National Park. It is a beautiful forest resort which spreads across 20 acres of rolling hills, towering Sal trees and quaint hamlets. This resort is surrounded by some small tribal villages & the stunning thick Sal Forest of Kanha National Park.

kanha national park tiger

Kanha Jungle Lodge (Near Mukki Gate)

Kanha Jungle lodge is situated close to the Mukki gate of the national park, the lodge is about a half kilometer from the Kanha National Park's Mukki gate. The visitors can get to see the several species of birds, the alarm calls of deer and the occasional roar of the tiger can be heard here.

kanha national park tiger

Kanha Earth Lodge (Near Kisli Gate)

Satya Ashoka Resort is situated close to KIsli gate of Kanha National Park at Khatia village. Stya Ashoka Resort Offer quality accommodation & delicious food which makes Satya Ashoka a advisable place to stay at Kanha National Park.

kanha national park tiger

Chitvan jungle Lodge (Near Mukki Gate)

Chitvan is the most discreet of the Jungle and Safari Lodges in India. It blends into the surrounding landscape, while providing a stunning viewpoint for observing the area's wealth of Wildlife. Chitvan blends perfectly with the surrounding countryside.

kanha national park tiger

Kipling Camp (Near Kisli Gate)

Nestled near Kisli entrance gate of Kanha National Park Kipling Camp is the perfect place for the travellers who wish to relax in peaceful surrounding and wish to explore the remote forests and villages of central India.

kanha national park tiger

Infinity Resort Kanha (Near Mukki Gate)

Infinity Kanha Wilderness is situated very close to Mukki gate of Kanha National Park. This resort is spread over 24 acres of lush green forest having thick Mahua Trees & Bamboo Groves.


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