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Sprawling in an extensive region in the gorgeous state of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National Park is one of India’s largest wildlife reserves. Often reckoned as the plot base for the famed Rudyard Kipling’s composition, Jungle Book, Kanha is nothing short of a breathtaking wildlife park that has an opulent flora and fauna to boast about. This popular national park is an inspiration as it has unprecedented records of conserving Hard-ground Swamp Deer (Barasingha) and reintroducing Blackbuck, which became extinct here a decade ago. Home to a healthy population of tigers and Indian leopards, Kanha also boasts being a paradise for birdwatchers. To nature lovers, the park renders the opportunity to relish views of thick Sal and Bamboo forests; extensive and lush meadows; stunning ravines and gurgling streams; and a sunset point, the sight from where can melt one’s heart. Kanha is more than a national park, a loving home for the wild and a place to witness the rich diversity of India; visit here to bond with nature and find useful information on this site that endeavours to display all aspects of this reserve. Find details on how to reach, accommodation, main attractions and jungle safari all under one roof on our Kanha National Park website.

A Case of Mismanagement or Poaching? Tiger Transferred from Kanha National Park Found Dead in Odisha

Photo: https://bit.ly/2B6ZkCH A dead body of a tiger was found in Satkosia in Odisha after the forest officials stumbled upon the carcass of the tiger in the Wildlife Sanctuary’s core area. The tiger was transferred from Kanha National Park in Mad...

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Frolic Elephants Sighted at Kanha National Park

Have you ever heard that animals enjoyed themselves at a picnic? Yes! Elephants at Kanha National Park, a popular Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, relished a relaxing time for a week in a picnic organised by the park’s authority. Kanha National Par...

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Internal Shifting of Eastern Swamp Deer in Kanha Tiger Reserve

Photo Credit: Gail Hampshire | https://bit.ly/2mjoSnV Kanha Tiger Reserve’s officials are working on the internal shifting of the endangered eastern swamp deer from a high-density region to a low-density region in the reserve. The translocation is...

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Eight Deer Die of Scorching Heat in MP’s Dewas

Eight Deers found dead in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. The reason behind their death is excessive heat. The searing heat seems to have started troubling the wild creatures. May 30, a shocking event came into news when the villages of Khateg...

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The Life of Famous Munna Tiger of Kanha National Park

Photo: https://bit.ly/2kvcnoj You call him the ‘King of Kanha’ or The Apex Predator - Munna is the oldest tiger of Kanha National park and the living pride of the park. Renowned for its stripes on the forehead that represents the word ‘CAT’ ...

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Inhibitory Steps Taken to Avoid Drought Condition at Kanha National Park

The authority at Kanha National Park is keeping deep watch on the watering holes of the park and also filling them on a regular interval to avoid any loss to an inevitable drought. Looking at the rising temperature, wildlife authority at Madhya Pra...

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