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Kanha National Park Tiger Fighting

28 Apr, 2022

Fight for Love, Two Male Tigers Fighting Over a Tigress at Kanha Tiger Reserve

An exciting tussle between Bein Dabra Male and Neela Naal Male during Wednesday morning tiger jungle safari at Kanha Tiger Reserve safari with District Line Female in front of District Line in Kanha Range close to Mukki Range.

Sometimes the events happening at Kanha National Park seem like a movie is going on in front of you. Recently a video of two tigers fighting over a tigress has gone viral on social media. Tigers are very protective of their belongings whether it's a territory or their love. This viral video of Kanha National Park is showing two tigers fighting over a tigress. The tourists usually wait for amazing views of tigers when they enjoy a wildlife safari at Kanha National Park but this exciting view has already made their safari worth it whoever witnessed this rare sight. This rarest view has been captured by the tourists of Kanha National Park while watching the fight from a distance.

In the Mukki Zone of Kanha National Park the fight between two male tigers over a tigress was going on. This fight between Boin Dabra Male and Neela Nala Male for District Line Female has gone viral on the internet media. The park management is refraining from confirming this viral video but tourists have confirmed that the fight really happened. What a thrilling moment it was to witness such an exciting fight in Kanha National Park.

Such scenes are rarely seen by guides and tourists. Tourists have been very thrilled to see this sight on Wednesday. It literally made their jungle safari in Kanha National Park best. You can also plan a wonderful Jungle safari to Kanha National Park. Who knows what you will behold?

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