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Tigress Neelima Gave Birth Cub Kanha Tiger Reserve

24 Apr, 2024

Tigress Neelima Gave Birth to a Little Cub in Kanha National Park

Great and exhilarating news vigorously flowed throughout the social media platform when a captivating video on X page was posted featuring tigress Neelima playing with her little cub while resting in the shade in the scorching summers of Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Tigress Neelima Gave Birth in Mandla’ Kanha National Park

Tigress Neelima Gave Birth Cub

As the heat waves of summer are approaching the nation, people are planning to visit the cooler places which includes the Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh. The National Park of Kanha is full of rich biodiversity which is attracting the attention of tourists for the tiger sightings in the park. One such tiger sighting was witnessed by the tourists during the safari where tigress Neelima was seen with her cub.

Tigress Neelima is the daughter of the famous tigress Neelam of the Kanha forests who gave birth to a little cub sometime back. Tigress Neelima who is 7 years old was resting in the shade with her cub in the dense forests of Kanha. The tourists captured the moment in their cameras as they were enthralled by the heart touching moment between a mother and a child. Currently, the video is spreading widely on the internet.

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