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Tiger T-50 Kanha

05 Oct, 2020

Exciting Photo of Tiger T50 Captured on Camera in Kanha

On 1st October, Kanha National Park was opened to the tourists, while online bookings had begun much earlier. Wildlife lovers can now visit it and enjoy wildlife safaris while observing the COVID-19 guidelines. One such wildlife lover who visited Kanha on the first day of its opening was the famous wildlife photographer, Brajesh Singh. The visit turned out to be an extremely rewarding one, as he was treated to the sight of a tiger called T-50 in one of his excited moments on the first day of the wildlife safari itself.

First Day, First Show

Brajesh Singh, the famous wildlife photographer, was naturally quite excited to capture the tiger T-50 in his camera on the first day of his wildlife safari in Kanha National Park. The tiger, in the photo shared by him, appears to be sniffing something, possibly the urine sprayed by other tigers. It is a beautiful photo which at once captures your attention. The tiger was spotted in the Mukki Zone of the Kanha National Park.

Commenting on his visit to the Kanha National Park on 1st October, when it was opened to the tourists, Brajesh Singh says, “What can be more exciting for a wildlife lover and photographer than the fact that he comes face to face with a tiger on the first hour of the first safari on the first day itself, and has the opportunity to capture such a lovely photograph”?

Brajesh Singh shares his photo on Twitter

Brajesh Singh shared his photograph taken during the recent wildlife safari in Kanha National Park on Twitter. In his Twitter post, Brajesh Singh (@brajeshsingh123) wrote, “First Day - First Show with T-50 at Kanha Tiger Reserve.”

Kanha National Park opened to tourists from 1st October

Kanha National Park was opened to the tourists on 1st October, who can now visit it and enjoy wildlife safaris. While two zones, Mukki and Kisli, have been opened for now, Sarhi & Kanha will be opened to the tourists from 15th October. However, while visiting the park and taking the wildlife safari, you will have to observe the COVID-19 guidelines strictly to ensure that your visit is safe both for yourself and those around you.

Photo Credit: Brajesh Singh

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