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24 Jan, 2018

The Star Survivor of Kanha, Munna Swerves away from the National Park

Dodging away from the eyes of forest officials and cameras, Munna the 15-year old tiger vanished from one of the top national parks in India, Kanha. Outlasting his age which is generally considered 8-10 years for tigers, the famous tiger of Kanha National Park, is missing from the past 3-4 days. Popularly known for the letters CAT engraved on his forehead, Munna is considered adept at taking salvage in other nearby zones whenever he senses danger in his territory. A proof of which is that last year in April, Munna took refuge in the Buffer Zone of the park after being injured in a tiff for domination over the region. With that being said, it is believed that this time also Munna has fled to the Buffer Zone; just to avoid further brawls as other tigers namely T-56 and T-2 were sharing the Kaisli Zone of Karai Valley with him. Male Tiger, T-56 was recently in the news for killing T-83 tigress and eating it in Kaisli Zone itself.

Also known as T-17, Munna was already in the highlights for killing one of the cubs of T-59 resultant of which he got some injuries in the fight that went on for almost 3 days with the tigress. The forest officials since then have been extra cautious about Munna’s health as he is the oldest tiger of the National Park and kept him under observation with Elephant patrol team set up to guard. Proper medications were being given and due results were also seen as his wounds were healing but the sudden elopement of the tiger has worried the forest officials. There has been no incident of animal killing in the buffer zone of the park for past 3-4 days, which has also become a cause of concern for forest officials who are assuming that Munna must have moved to the buffer zone.

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